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Are ghosts real? Is there life after death? Do the dead haunt us? Whether you believe or are skeptic, read our true ghost stories and gain a new perspective on what ghostly experiences some people have.

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True Ghost Stories

Read and share true ghost stories from personal experiences of our visitors. If you have your own store, please share you ghost story

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Ghost Hunters

Find a ghost hunter near you . Our ghost hunter directory is available to help you find the cause or prove your haunting.

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Haunted Places

Do you know of real haunted places near you? Find and share real haunted places in your local community or state...

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Haunted Houses

Every Halloween thousands of scary as hell Halloween haunted houses open up to the public. Find a haunted house near you....

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Ghost Tours

Take a historical tour of a haunted place near you. These Ghost Tours & walks offer a unique perspective on the area's history. Who know's maybe you'll even see a ghost.

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Ghostly Video

Check out the web's scariest and most interesting ghostly videos of ghosts, haunting's, haunted houses, the paranormal, and other things odd and interesting.

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Ghost Shopping

Check out our growing shop. We'll showcase our products, Halloween products, and important information on ghost hunting equipment for sale.

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Ghost Blog

Our official blog of Ghostlytrue.com. From interesting reads to tutorials, who knows what you will find on our blog. Check out our blog for new articles today!